Two more platforms have suspended Gab in the wake of Pittsburgh shooting

Stripe and cloud host Joyent have indicated that they will suspend Gab’s accounts

Hours after Paypal confirmed that it had suspended social network platform Gab, two additional companies have informed the site that they plan to suspend their services: payment processing site Stripe, and cloud hosting company Joyent.

Last night, Gab posted a screenshot of a notification from Joyent, which says that it “received notice of breach of the Joyent Terms of Service,” and that it would suspend the site as of 9:00AM ET on Monday, October 29th. Gab says that it will “likely be down for weeks because of this,” and that it is working on a solution.

Later that evening, Gab posted a second notification: Stripe says that it has suspended the site’s account while it conducts an investigation, saying that Gab has “not provided us sufficient evidence that Gab actually prevents violations of our policies in your Gab Pro service, or any other portion of your service that relies on Stripe for monetization.” Stripe estimates that its investigation conclude within a week.

A profile on the site maintained by the alleged shooter, 46-year-old Robert Bowers, surfaced the immediate aftermath of the Pittsburgh shooting, which left eleven people dead and several others wounded. Screenshots revealed that Bowers had published numerous anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and that has placed Gab under increased scrutiny. While Gab says that it immediately suspended the man’s account and has cooperated with authorities, it has bristled at the suggestion that it was responsible for the environment that has made it an attractive home to those in the alt-right.

Gab has already been booted from other major platforms: Apple and Google have either prevented the site from releasing its app on their mobile stores, while earlier this summer, Microsoft threatened to drop its hosting if the site didn’t remove a pair of anti-Semitic posts within 48 hours. A Microsoft spokesperson told The Verge that the company “terminated its Azure agreement with Gab last month.” Last night, Gab said that it expected to be banned by Facebook and Twitter “soon.”

We’ve reached out to Stripe, and Joyent for comment, and will update this post if we hear back.

Update October 28th 11:45 AM ET: Updated with statement from Microsoft.