FT Interfaith Council organizes vigil for 49 victims of terrorism in New Zealand

Dear friends and fellow community members,

Please join us and many of our fellow Franklin neighbors for a vigil tomorrow night in memory of the 49 victims of terrorism in New Zealand where 49 men, women and children killed praying in two mosques. 

The vigil will be held at Temple Beth El, 1489 Hamilton St. in Somerset. It will start at 8:00 pm, Saturday, March 16. 

 Let us in one voice to categorically condemn all form of hate and bigotry.  Today we are sick. Our hearts ache. Our heads are pounding. Our minds are reeling. We drop to our knees and beseech the Almighty, “How can this madness continue? How can a loving God stand by and watch this horror happen?” In the clearest of voices from the heavens, God responds, “I am not. You are letting this happen. I cannot do what you refuse to do, and if good people will do nothing to stop these nightmarish killings, I can only be here to weep with you.” 

Let’s come together and use this gathering to show solidarity and reaffirm our commitment to promote unity and understanding among all people and do our part to immunize our community from any form of hate and bigotry! 

Thank you,

Alex Kharazi, Ph.D                                                       Rabbi Eli Garfinkel

President, FT Interfaith Council                              Vice President, FT interfaith Council