Jewish Community Relations Council of New York’s Rabbi Bob Kaplan Leads SWC’s Government Advocacy Internship Program Seminar on Building Intergroup and Interfaith Coalitions

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Government Advocacy Internship Program held its 6th weekly seminar last night on Building Intergroup and Interfaith Coalitions, led by internationally known expert Rabbi Bob Kaplan, Director of the Center for Community Leadership of New York’s Jewish Community Relations Council.

The programs participants were shown both the statistical need and direct impact of such advocacy coalitions on issues that matter to the Jewish world and the need to understand issues through various lenses in order to better build potentially valuable communal partners.The seminar also addressed the advent of intersectionality, both on college campuses and in our communities, and demonstrated strategic methods and tactics in developing necessary, constructive, and positive relationships among the various groups encountered on the larger advocacy stage.

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